Richard Behar

Contributing Editor of Investigations

Richard Behar has garnered more than 20 journalism awards over a three-decade career. He was called “one of the most dogged of our watchdogs” by the late Jack Anderson, a founding father of modern investigative reporting. Nonetheless, none of Behar’s articles have been made into movies — yet.

Since 2012, Behar has been the Contributing Editor of Investigations for Forbes magazine, and is writing a book about Bernard Madoff — to be published by Simon & Schuster. He is also the Founder-Editor of Mideast Dig, a global non-profit investigative news enterprise focused on the Middle East.

From 1982-2004, Behar was a staffer at Forbes, Time and Fortune. In 2005, he launched Project Klebnikov, a media alliance committed to shedding light on the Moscow murder of Forbes editor Paul Klebnikov. (Members of “Project K” include Bloomberg, The Economist, Forbes and Vanity Fair.)

Awards include: Gerald Loeb, Polk (twice), National Magazine, Overseas Press Club (twice), Conscience-in-Media, and Daniel Pearl award — on subjects ranging from terror financing in Karachi to counterfeiting in Beijing; from the garbage-carting mob in New York, to the Russian mob in Siberia; from wrongdoing on Wall Street, to a Time cover exposé on Scientology that prompted a decade of litigation.