Moruomi Li

Festival Manager

Moruomi Li is a media producer, a festival curator, and a creative designer. She graduated from Georgetown University with a Master degree in Communication, Culture and Technology. Previous to Georgetown, she studied film and TV production at Peking University.

Moruomi has a passion for film. As a Film Production Assistant at Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, she worked with the production team on the pre-production and post-production of four films, including the award-winning Mr. Six and The Wasted Times. She has also curated three independent film festivals in the U.S.

Moruomi is also a creative storyteller with five-year experience in producing creative videos, from short feature films to news reports to documentaries. Her latest short documentary about the rural lives in China, One More Day With You, was posted on China Global Television Network and won the best short documentary prize at District Cinema Student Film Festival 2017.

She believes that many important stories are never told, and she works hard to bring the authentic and unique stories to the front.