Maureen Downey


Maureen Downey is a fine wine expert with over 20 years of in depth wine industry experience, Maureen Downey stands out as an independent expert on fine and rare wine, and the foremost authority on counterfeit wine and has compiled the largest database on the subject in the world.  Specializing in authentication and valuation, Maureen has inspected hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of wine in the course of advising the world’s top collectors, auction houses, wine merchants, restaurants and hotels.

Maureen has  advised the FBI and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in a number of high profile cases.  She worked closely with the FBI on the Rudy Kurniawan case (featured in the film SOUR GRAPES), advising them for many years in the initial investigation and in the subsequent lead up to trial.  She also consulted for the DOJ prior to trial.  Through her comprehensive pre-sentencing reports, which the defence counsel did not contest, she was instrumental in increasing both jail sentence Kurniawan received and the damages apportioned to his victims.  She appears as a subject in the film.