Julie Contreras

Julie Contreras is a human rights activist with over 27 years of service at the international level.  Currently she is Commissioner for LULAC of IL Immigrant Affairs Commission and the recent past Co-Chair of LULAC’s National Committee on Immigration Affairs where she continues to lead emergency intervention for immigration cases across the USA, Mexico, Central & South America. Ms. Contreras continues to be contacted by families across this nation till today and continues her national advocacy work. Ms. Contreras is Friend of the NAACP part of the Millions More Movement and works with the Hip Hop Detoxx to stop violence and promote education for African American and Latino children who face high risk of being dropouts in economically deprived neighborhoods. Ms. Contreras advocates for the basic human rights of the undocumented throughout North, Central & South America.  Ms. Contreras is the President of LULAC Council #5273 for the past 9 years and has volunteered with LULAC for the past 13 yrs. Her council works on promoting education through scholarships and educational art, reading literacy and science programs for the youth in all communities.  Also council 5273 for the past 9 years have led an international humanitarian relief effort where ever a disaster calls for intervention. Also the council provides locally food & clothing for Lake County, Illinois and Wisconsin residents.

Her life’s purpose is to educate and empower the communities she serves to know and exercise their rights, regardless of race, creed, color, language and legal status.  As co-founder of the international United Voices for United Families Campaign based in Chicago, IL, Ms. Contreras specializes in intervention against deportations and securing family unity which has assisted over 3500 families over the past nine years.   Ms Contreras currently overseas LULAC National Immigrant Emergency Task Force which she personally participates in rescue missions for human trafficking victims working with ICE, US Marshal and US Attorney Offices. Also rescue and intervention of American Citizen Children in foreign countries (sexual abuse and medical issues) and she advocates for domestic violence victims here in the USA.  She recently founded the Child Refugees United For Freedom Campaign where she is assisting 28 Honduran Refugee children to obtain asylum through pro bono legal representation and support services to the children and their families.  She has led the “Campana No te Dejes / Know Your Rights Campaign” across the USA to educate the undocumented in rural areas on Civil Rights.  Ms. Contreras led the OSACA (Operation Save the American Children of America) in Postville Iowa after the raids, in Arizona & Georgia after the Anti-immigrant legislation to assure that American Citizen Children who are part of Mixed Status families, assuring legal rights were not violated and obtained their American Passports through the US Department of State.

As a former Marrow Account Manager for Be the Match Registry, she specialized in outreach to the African-American, Asian and Latino communities, her patient base consist of individuals from all ethnic backgrounds.  In her term, Ms. Contreras has made a significant impact on the amount of people of color becoming marrow donors.  Her commitment is to place more individuals from the minority communities on to the national registry and to advocate for all patients who seek a life saving marrow transplant.

Ms. Contreras has organized many protests, marches and prayer vigils to demonstrate the human aspect of every social, political and economic circumstance.  As a patient advocate, she commits to insuring proper medical care for all patients and underserved  who are in need lifesaving transplants and medical attention.  Ms. Contreras has served as a liaison in obtaining proper medical care for many children from Romania, Africa, Mexico, Guatemala Ireland and here in the United States of America.  Ms. Contreras is also a member of the United States Department of Homeland Security Community Engagement Round Table.

Her education is grounded in experience and her integrity to the human condition.  In addition, she has received her degree in child development & music and art theory for children from Saint Augustine College.  She continues to further her education through life experiences.

Ms. Contreras resides in Waukegan, IL and is the proud mother of a son Alexis, 31 who is a graduate of De Paul University with a BS in Political Science, a daughter Ariana who is 18 years old & student at Key Stone and who she says is on her way to becoming amazing young woman.  Ms. Contreras is married to Salvador Contreras and she affirms this to be a true blessing to have an amazing partner by her side that believes in the importance of humanitarian intervention.