Conway Reinders

Audience Engagement Manager

Conway Reinders joined Double Exposure in 2016 after attending the first festival.  He helps engage emerging filmmakers, journalists and students for the symposium on investigative media.  He previously curated the documentary program for the second Georgetown University Film Festival.

In addition to supporting documentary film, Conway works on economic policy.  He joined the Social Security Advisory Board in May 2017 as a policy fellow.  Prior to joining the Board, Conway was a research consultant to the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative, an economic research center that advances a framework for reducing multidimensional poverty, grounded in people’s experiences and values.  Previously, he served as a special assistant to The Hamilton Project, a domestic economic policy initiative at the Brookings Institution.  In 2016, Conway earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the George Washington University, graduating with special honors in economics and international affairs.