Investigations with an Agenda: Navigating Loaded Terrain

October 6, 2016
1:15 PM  -  2:45 PM
National Press Club (Holeman Lounge)

Journalists and filmmakers are often not first on the scene of a promising story. Sometimes, investigators paid by private clients–investment groups, political parties, advocacy groups, even a person wronged–have gathered information, and seek a reporter or filmmaker to carry their work forward. But how should such material be treated, if at all? How can an independent filmmaker or journalist evaluate the findings of an investigation produced for a private client? Sometimes, the original investigation has influenced the atmosphere surrounding further inquiry. What sensitivities and traps lie in wait when not just the information has been polarized, but the method of obtaining it? In an environment where the power of a reporter, whether in film or print, derives from an impartial stance, how does one protect both the perception and reality of an independent and fair-minded inquiry?

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