October 8, 2016 • 3pm, 86 MIN
The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

Sour Grapes

Dir. Jerry Rothwell and Reuben Atlas, 2016

Rudy Kurniawan, an affable 20-something of unknown provenance, burst on the world of fine wine in a big way, turning up at auctions and bidding high on rare burgundies. Casual, friendly and irreverent, he was rumored to be from a wealthy family, and praised for his authoritative palate. He was also an outrageous fraud, mixing California reds with off-year vintages in his LA kitchen, to lucrative effect. SOUR GRAPES introduces audiences to a cast of characters who indulge themselves with $20,000 bottles of wine and a whole lot of hype, as filmmakers Jerry Rothwell and Reuben Atlas unravel the mystery of the man who befriended, and promptly swindled, wine collectors out of tens of millions of dollars.